I’m the author of the fantasy novel, Imperial Visions, published in June 2010, and available in both paperback and Kindle format.

The sequel, Visions in Exile, will be coming in the first half of this year (2024).

I’ve also written a set of short stories, Fragments of a Vision, self-published in August 2012 and available from Amazon in Kindle format.

Details - and how to buy them - are below.

Imperial Visions

Imperial Visions is a fantasy novel set in a world in a period similar to our own Age of Enlightenment:

Thomas Maynard was just another junior attache of the Triune Empire. That is, until the day his embassy is burned to the ground by an enemy mob and he is forced to flee for his life. Plagued by new and terrifying visions, Thomas soon learns that he is a prize that his pursuers will stop at nothing to control.

Hunted north across the plains, his only refuge is in the hill kingdom of Elaran, where the young queen Rianda fights to keep her people free. As their enemies close in, it becomes clear that far more than the fate of Elaran rests upon Thomas mastering his visions.

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Fragments of a Vision

Fragments of a Vision is a collection of some of my early short stories. Whilst it is not the sequel to Imperial Visions, the stories do give strong indications of how the ideas for that novel arose: many of them are set in variants of the world of Edrith, whilst others explore themes or elements that would make an appearance in the final novel. All are non-canon.

If you’ve not tried Imperial Visions, I recommend doing that first.

Stories included:

  • The Face of Treason

  • Through an Eastern Gate

  •  Asculum

  • Where There’s a Will

  • Atonement’s End

  • Melantar

  •  Alchemy

  • Terrakrakenosis

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